Thirty Days of Real Estate – Day 8: Setting Goals

Real Estate with Dallice – Long and Short Term Goals

Making goals are easy, right?! It’s the planning and execution that we all struggle with. I assure you though, if buying real estate is on your mind, it will help to set a goal/make a resolution.

Setting sail in the right direction is a vital first step!

real estate goals

It’s a new year and with it inevitably come the conversations about new year’s resolutions. Instead of talking about the weather, even the bank teller is curious to know if I have resolutions and what they are. And you’re right, if like me you think some of them are kinda private!

We humans are often not comfortable sharing our goals because we may subconsciously believe that seeking improvement in our lives is admitting failure in that area in the first place. The down side is that if we don’t share them or state them publicly or write them down – IE make ourselves vulnerable a little – then we are  less accountable to ourselves for doing our darnedest to achieve them. Even worse, we lack the support we might need to get going or stay motivated. We may even miss out on having someone to celebrate our achievements with us!

Long and short term goals are a way of life for me. I’m un-apologetically Type A. I need a focus, an end point and a way to mark progress along the way. I am in my happy place when I get to tick something off my list! What I struggle with is staying the course and then stopping to celebrate life’s (MY) little victories. So I choose to share my goals and I like having an accountability partner. 

You may be asking yourself, where is she going with this? Does she want me to tell her my goals and for her to hold me accountable?  Not at all. I’m sharing a bit about me because it enhances my chances of actually staying the course and getting to my goals and I want you to know I’m just like you. I procrastinate, make excuses and have to re-evaluate goals during the year too. 

What are Dallice’s Long and Short Term Goals?

Deep breath, here goes….

I want 95% of my business to be repeat and referral. Why? Because my goal is to provide service that people are happy with. So happy, they share me with others and they trust that I will make them look good for recommending me. The proof is in the pudding and referrals and repeat clients are that proof.

I want to be able to run 10 km without stopping and have set the goal to run my fastest 10 km in 2019 – And I’ve never been older than I am in 2019 so achieving this is like getting a two-for-the-price-of-one!

I have a goal to pay down a sizable chunk of my second mortgage in 2019. (I’ll keep more detail of the size of that chunk to myself! In person, you are welcome to ask me about this. On a blog… eh… not so much.)

We travel to New Zealand (birth place and my original home) for Christmas 2019. Between now and then there are a multitude of things to plan and organize and budget for, so a trip of this sort is never something to leave ’til the twelfth hour.

And last but far from least, I have a goal of keeping in touch with all the people in my life better. More genuinely, more often. It’s not that I’m ditching Facebook or anything too drastic. But I am setting intentions about the posts I make and how I am better to use the info I come across on Facebook to make real, rather than virtual, connections.

Oh yeah, and I have a “theme” for each year too. In previous years it has been things like courage, discipline etc. This year the focus is on softness. More forgiveness, embracing femininity, being generous with self-care and whatever else I deem to fit under this umbrella. Wish me luck!

Your Long and Short Term Goals

You knew this paragraph would come. No, I won’t be asking you to share your goals with me – unless you want to. But I will encourage you to spend some time assessing your needs and looking at your wish list for your life. Writing down your goals for this year, the next 5 years and for 20 years from now is a good start. Make an actual, physical, literal bucket list. Go wild with your imagination and aim high. Nothing on that list will ever come to pass until you make it happen, until you plant the seed in your mind. Over time, watch it grow and take on a life of itself.

I like to start with the grandest view, the biggest picture. What would retirement look like for me or how would I know when the time is right (financially feasible) to retire? 

Do you want to own your own home and not be paying rent or mortgage after you have stopped going to work? Me too!

What do you want to do with all your new found time? Travel, help family, volunteer in the community, hang with your pets? Grow a garden? Immerse yourself in a hobby or appreciate the geography around you? File this wish list away because we will need to refer to it when trying to find the right home/investment for you.


Do you still want to be doing what you are doing, where you are now, in the same state of health you are currently in?

Probably not. So be bold and put pen to paper about how you want to see yourself in 5 years. Different job? Have kids? Helping kids through college? 50 lb lighter and enjoying regular exercise? Have ticked 5 new countries off the bucket list? Living in a different city? 


Keeping in mind some of the longer term goals, 2019 is a good year to start implementing small changes in your life that will eventually lead to the creation of the life/person you want to have/be.

What about using a tool to help identify which areas of your life could be improved or have weaknesses? I use a wheel like this is pin point where each area scores. If you then draw a line connecting all the dots, you have want amounts to a weird circle. It’s lopsided right? The areas where the line gets closer to the center are clues for you. Start setting small short term goals that help balance the wheel. goals

For instance, you find that social/fun is scored at a 2/10, so you make it a goal to have lunch with friends more regularly or join a dance class.

If you find that career/business is a low scoring area AND you also see yourself in a different job in 5 years, then start implementing changes that will equip you to eventually leave behind the job you have and go after the job you really want.

And my favorite… Finances. If you have any sort of long or short term goal that requires money (and you do) then get your head out of the sand and pay attention to where your money is coming from and going. Goals like eliminating credit card debt or paying off a car are stepping stones to buying property, retiring more comfortably or simply putting more money in the college savings account or your travel fund.

Start small – swap bad habits for good habits. Drink less coffee and save the Starbucks $4/cup that you were spending. Read more personal development books and cut the cord on pricey satellite or cable TV, then use that money to pay down debt.

Question: What is more important, the small savings made this week or the new habit? Answer: The HABIT, hands down. Don’t worry about the precise amount of savings because money will come naturally as habits change.

Final thought for today comes from some morning show that I caught the end of on New Years Day. I apologize for not knowing who to give credit for this to:

Think about the person you want to be.

Make one small change in your life today.

This one small change will make an imperceptible difference right now, but you are casting a vote for the person you want to be.