Thirty Days of Real Estate – Day 25: Closing Checklist

Real Estate with Dallice: Closing Checklist – Keys, codes and more

It helps to have a Closing checklist. You are about to take possession of a property that once belonged to someone else.  This is a quick post and a reminder of what is important not just at Closing, but in planning for the days, weeks and months that follow. 

Take to Closing:

  • Your I.D.  Government issued, with a picture. Nothing gets notarized without it.
  • Your money. Whether it be a down payment or the whole amount, you’ll need a cashier’s check or a wire transfer to get that money to the title company. Wires should be ordered the day before and cashier’s check should be made out to the title company

Bring from Closing:

  • Keys or front door code
  • Alarm code
  • Garage keypad code
  • Garage door opener
  • Mailbox # and location (newer neighborhoods have grouped mailboxes at a point that may not be near the house and may not be labeled intuitively)
  • Mailbox key
  • Key to pool or clubhouse if that applies
  • Sellers email/phone number – EVERY transfer of ownership inevitably ends in a call or email to seller to let them know an Amazon package, holiday card or tax document has arrived at their old address. And every buyer will have the occasional question about the house that was not covered by inspection or walk through. 
  • Copy of the deed – you may need this for setting up new utilities, enrolling in school or daycare, assisting in postal service set-up if new construction.


Closing checklist