Thirty Days of Real Estate – Day 22: Date Night

Real Estate with Dallice: Date Night or Time Out is super important!

If you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll be familiar with how I feel about this. I recommend and encourage all of my clients to take “real estate breaks”.

From the time you start looking for a home, until you close, it is entirely possible encompassed by the process and lose life balance. There might be a time when realize that you haven’t talked about much else, that you have spent more hours online looking at property than with your family, or that you don’t remember the last time you took time “off” from this. Burning out doesn’t serve you.

If you are a couple, plan a date night with no real estate talk allowed. If you are a family, plan a family outing that is fun – your kids are bored with looking at houses! It might be fun for you, but it is rarely their choice for a good time.  Single people… I recommend getting some alone time in the woods to clear your head – or do whatever refreshes your mind and rejuvenates your soul. 

EVERYONE needs to block a little quality non-real estate time for themselves. It’s healthy and it’s important. If you don’t, you may end up not enjoying the process of finding your new space and that’s a shame. But worse, it’s possible to strain and damage the relationships you have, if you don’t take care of them in times of stress and when life gets super busy.

The Production:Production Capability Dance

I love real estate. I love staging, showing homes, negotiations and all the fab people I get to work with. It’s a huge part of my life. But guess what? My partner, my pets, my soul and my physical body all deserve time and attention too. Without them, I would not be the person I am or have the potential to be. I will eventually not be capable of “producing”.

Production is what I do at work. Being efficient, creative, solving problems, getting results and meeting goals etc.

Production Capability is the ability/potential I have to work. In order to maintain or increase my production capability, I need to take care of myself. Mental time out, eat well, sleep enough, exercise, practice gratitude etc.

Getting the balance right between production and production capability is essential for me… AND YOU TOO!


Someone once told me that we as beings, are like water pitchers.

You can pour yourself out to all those people who need you, but if you don’t refill the pitcher/yourself, you eventually become incapable of giving.