West Highland Park, Boulder CO – 1965 Kohler Dr

West Highland Park, Boulder CO

A little wee subdivision, nestled into the end of Kohler Drive and including Deer Valley Road, it consists of only about 35 properties.  However, they are superbly located pieces of Boulder real estate in my humble opinion! Quite the hidden gem in many cases. For those of us who are South Boulder fans, there are few places that hold as much natural beauty as West Highland Park. Just steps from trails and open space, this area is alive with wildlife and it’s residents, many who have been here for decades, are well aware of their good fortune.

Is there an actual West Highland Park?  Why yes, there is!

West Highland park is a 6.5 acre parcel of land owned by the City of Boulder. Many of the lots in this neighborhood back directly to the park which adjoins another 7 acre parcel at 0 Dartmouth Ave (the very top of Dartmouth Ave to the west). Also commonly referred to as open space, it is 0 Dartmouth that abuts the southwest part of the Federal land where NOAA and NIST are located. Yes, the same area that made the news in regard to social path closures in August, 2014.

West Highland Park Boulder
The view from West Highland Park is spectacular. Looking northwest to Kohler Mesa. Beyond, lies Chautauqua.
West Highland Park
Looking southwest toward NCAR. The Big Bluestem Trail beneath the Flatirons takes you toward Eldorado Canyon.

I have been fortunate enough to meet with a couple of different home owners in this area and have their permission to show their homes to my interested buyers as needed. These homes are not officially listed and I will not be publishing the addresses. I can however tell you that 1965 Kohler and I are acquainted well. It has just hit the market and now, I can blog about it! 🙂 This home is really more than meets the eye. On first glance you might simply decide it’s too much work or just too orange. (Even one of the neighbors has referred to it as the “pumpkin house” in conversation with me! LOL) The lot is about a half acre. It is fairly steep, but a walk up the back to where it meets the open space (West Highland Park, Boulder) is worth the effort. The views are spectacular. One of a kind. An opportunity that has not yet been realized.

West Highland Park real estate
1965 Kohler Drive, Boulder
West Highland Park real estate
From the top of the lot, looking southeast.
West Highland Park Real Estate
The original house at 1965 Kohler (orange) is located at the bottom of the parcel… The greenspace in the foreground is where you might build your dream home.
HDR 2 - Copy
Where the temporary black fence stops, so does the lot. There is a set-back of course, but only for the build part. Landscaping to the top or adding a pool for example, allows you to use more of the lot in your design.

Ask me about the possibilities of building an alternative dwelling near the top of the hill. (Or the reason why this lot cannot be subdivided, despite it meeting the criteria of the City of Boulder) Surely I am not the only one to stand there and contemplate a custom home with scenic vistas from intentionally positioned floor to ceiling windows?  Foothills, city, plains.  Sunrise… <sigh> and birdsong.  Fruit trees, western Colorado style landscaping, meandering deer and the call of coyotes.  No traffic noise and little traffic at all on the street. Neighbors who share your appreciation of this amazing location and the lifestyle it affords you.

Yes, this is a real estate deal that starts at closing. A project, if you will. You could still renovate the existing house, which is quirky (understatement) and dated. Call me for a showing when you are the ready to take on a challenge, have vision and resources and energy! There is nothing similar to 1965 Kohler Drive on the market. There likely never will be. The potential is overwhelming. The opportunity unique. This is your time to create something special. Custom. Coveted.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.

~Henry D Thoreau

P.S. If you are thinking of selling your home in South Boulder, I’d love the opportunity to earn your business and to introduce you to my buyers. You might be surprised how much your home – even if older and dated – is worth. Let’s chat!

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