Relocate to Boulder Colorado – Top 10 reasons

Relocate to Boulder Colorado

10. You already have people you know in Boulder Colorado!

Seriously, am I wrong? Time after time I run into people while out of state for business or pleasure and I meet folks who ask where I’m from.  It takes about 3 seconds for someone to say “My brother  lives there”, “My neighbors daughter is at school at CU Boulder” or “I once hitchhiked across the country and was picked up by a person from Boulder… I ended up staying there a month! What a friendly place”. When you relocate to Boulder Colorado, you’ll be welcomed by people you already know and trust… and by friends you are yet to meet.

The sun will likely be shining that day too.

9. Weather

If you are like me, you didn’t grow up with four distinct seasons.  In New Zealand, where I lived at sea-level until my early twenties, the winters were milder.  A harsh frost meant the ground was a bit crispy until mid morning… And that was a cold day.  It rained more of course. That’s how NZ stays so lush and green.  And carefree summers at the beach involved lots of sunscreen so this redhead with freckles didn’t blister and burn, even when temps rarely rose above the mid 80’s. When I relocated to Boulder Colorado in 2005, people warned me that being a mile high would mean I would burn more easily.  It’s all relative!  At the beginning of the spring-summer season here, I might get a bit pink if I stay outside in my garden or hike in direct sunshine for hours.  My skin takes a little while to get used to daylight again after winter, but I’ve never experienced a burn time as low as six minutes, like I did in NZ.  In fact, the low humidity and increased sunshine have been super beneficial to my overall health.I’m delighted by spring wildflowers, warm summer days dotted with an occasional thunderstorm, stunning autumn leaves and the clean crunch of powdery snow that only a Colorado winter brings.  I enjoy changing seasons as a way to tell time and attribute much of my happy attitude to 300+ days of sunshine per year!

Relocate to Boulder Colorado

Besides, if you ever need to escape the snow or simply change up your scenery for a bit, it’s not going to take long to get away…

8.Proximity to Everywhere 

Relocate to Boulder ColoradoYou think this is an exaggeration?  Boulder Co. is perfectly positioned to reduce your travel time to anywhere!  With Denver International Airport just 45 minutes away, you’ll be on your way to Canada or Mexico just as quickly as you could get to Los Angeles or New York City.   DIA has the longest public use runway in the US and in 2013 was the 15th busiest airport in the world! It is the largest airport in the U.S. by area and yes, therefore has room to expand services. So, whether you travel for business or pleasure,   DIA will get you where you need to be, quickly, efficiently and looks great doing it.  Relocate to Boulder Colorado for your convenience!

If you are thinking about commute times, consider this:  Boulder Colorado is less than an hours drive to Centennial (south of Denver) and Fort Collins (to the north).   Downtown Denver is a mere 35 minutes, Longmont, Broomfield, Louisville and many other other communities are as close at 10-20 minutes away. What is your commute time in California? New York? Massachussetts? Texas?  The extra time you put back in your day is time you can spend with family, friends, enjoying the outdoors, learning something new or reviving a long lost hobby.

Speaking of learning something new…

7.  Education

How common is this story?  “I came here in the 70’s to attend college and never left.”  CU Boulder is a world class learning institution and one of the prettiest campuses I have ever seen.  To this day, students relocate to Boulder Colorado, attracted by CU Boulder’s undergrad and graduate programs and they end up staying here afterwards. Its not all we offer though.  Boulder Colorado is also home to Naropa – a Buddhist-inspired, student-centered, private liberal arts university.  A recognized leader in contemplative education.  Less than an hour out of Boulder, we also benefit from Denver University (DU) and Fort Collins’ Colorado State University (CSU).

Now, if you came here and then didn’t want to leave, you’ll be needing a job…

6.  Employment Opportunity

The front range in general, is home to about 3 million people. All those people need services and products.  They create opportunities for each other and themselves.  If you have similar anxieties to some of my clients who did relocate to Boulder Colorado, you might be saying to yourself:  “What if  I relocate to Boulder Colorado for a job, then get laid off?”  “Will my spouse be able to find work here too?”  Honestly… there is no lack of opportunity for you in Colorado!  The move is worth it and the risk is much lower than most other places. The Colorado unemployment rate at it’s lowest it has been in 5 years…  Just 6.2% in 2014.  Boulder’s unemployment rate was at 4.4% in January 2014!

If you are lucky, you will get an office with a view… Or even better, a job that allows you to work outside.

5. Stunning Geography

Here is my tip for you. When you relocate to Boulder Colorado, drive here.  There is nothing quite like watching the Rocky Mountains materialize out of thin air in front of you as you head west.  At first you squint… Is that a blue-ish silhouette of a peak?  Then a range of mountains appears, with the snow coming into sight. An hour later, the overwhelming beauty and grandeur that is the Rocky Mountains, greets you.  It feels like coming home! Welcoming, magnificent, putting all of life into perspective. Traveling from the west you’ll notice a gradual change in the landscape as you depart Utah.  Canyons that were dry and red give way quite suddenly to steep granite, a gushing river, shaded canyons and winding mountain passes.

All of a sudden, you understand what being at altitude means.  The air is cool and fresh… but a little thinner.  It takes some getting used to, but oh my, a work-out at altitude pays dividends!

4. Outdoor Pursuits  

With all that blue sky and sunshine, it’s easy to imagine how Coloradoans find (make) time in their days to enjoy the outdoors.  Relocate to Boulder Colorado and add exciting new outdoor pursuits to your life too. Whether the hiking trails along the foothills are calling or you have always wanted to learn to climb, this is the place.  Bring your mountain bike or road bike and take advantage of the altitude to push your athleticism to the next level.  Ski your heart out all winter long – and most of the spring too!  Boulder is just a couple of hours drive from EldoraBreckenridge, A BasinCopper MountainVail and more.  Enjoy camping, family picnics or quiet solitude at Rocky Mountain National Park. Spend Saturday morning strolling casually through the Farmers Market downtown in Boulder, indulge in locally produced cheese, fresh baked bread, just picked fruit, vegetables and herbs.  The rest of the day might be spent with  your dog, as he bounds (unleashed) in miles of open space.

It’s time to admit you deserve to be breathing in the fresh mountain air, listening to the sounds wild birds, critters and enjoyingthe breeze coming through the trees.  Relocate to Boulder Colorado and smile.

3. Health and Happiness

Have you ever wanted to feel happier and healthier?  Do you find it hard to be motivated to drop the extra 30lb and eat healthy while living in a culture of comfort food, suffering through a long commute each day and surrounded by people who feel and act unhappy?  Relocate to Boulder Colorado to change your perspective, your motivation, your life! Once again in 2014 Boulder Colorado ranks highly. This Gallop poll measures overall wellness based on six sub-indexes:

  • Life Evaluation
  • Emotional Health
  • Work Environment
  • Physical Health
  • Healthy Behaviors
  • Access to Basic Needs

Relocate to Boulder Colorado

Colorado is ranked 7th of all the states and Boulder Colorado is the 2nd happiest city in the US!

2. Taxes

Fairly regularly, a client calls me with questions in regard to either moving to Colorado or buying property for their young adult offspring to live in, while at CU Boulder.  One of their first questions about real estate is “How are the taxes in Colorado?”  My answer… “Where do you currently own property?”

If they are moving from Louisiana, there is going to be a period of sticker shock. Not only is Louisiana real estate tax the lowest percentage of the property value in the country – but the house prices are low too, so the mean property tax is less than $250 per year.  Colorado can’t compete with that. No-one can! However, it is much more likely my new client is going to say Texas, the northeast or the west coast.  So when I tell them that a $500,000 home in Boulder will have annual property tax of about $2,700 they are visibly relieved.  

Colorado doesn’t even make the top 10 for highest median property tax percentage.  In order, those top 10 states are:  New Jersey, New Hampshire, Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Connecticut, Michigan, Vermont and North Dakota.  Colorado doesn’t make the top 10 for lowest property taxes either – but that is not all bad.  Never forget that things like state education and the condition of our roads and other infrastructure are dependent on tax dollars.  

We are happy to balance low tax rates with higher property values and seek to provide Coloradoans with good education, safe roads, awesome trails and bike paths, public transportation and so much more.

1. Real Estate Market

Now this is my area of expertise! Relocate to Boulder Colorado

Right now it’s a Sellers Market, defined by having less than 6 months worth of inventory at any time.  Since about March 2012 we have had more Buyers than Sellers.  Competing offers are common and property that is priced well for the value that it brings, shows nicely and is marketed effectively, will be under contract within days.

See the chart above for a quick visual demonstration of what is (has been) going on. Inventory is low.  Median price is still rising. The number of properties sold, as a percentage of those available has also risen.

Sellers!  Now is the time to capitalize.  If you have been sitting on the fence, waiting for the right time to sell, you might consider it to be now.  With our seasonal/cyclical selling market (peaking in summer every year), rates still low, buyers hungry for a home to buy, the time has never been better.  Yes, it’s easy to forget the market of 2009/2010 when sellers entertained showing after showing for months if not years, only to receive low-ball offers.  It was frustrating, but we all knew the pendulum would swing back the other way… It always does.  It will again.

Buyers, right now, it takes effective strategy and almost flawless execution to push you to the front of the queue and get you the house you want for a reasonable price.  Realtors like myself who have honed their negotiation skills and keep a few tips and tricks up their sleeve to make them more competitive, are making it happen.  Even if you are not ready to buy just yet, or not competitive enough, you should be learning the market… Getting ready.

*For more information on any property that you see, to get up-to-date market data and trends, to learn specifically about a price range, area or type of dwelling, call or email me directly.  My one-on-one analysis is very much tailored to your needs!

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