Naughty Colorado Realtor => Misleading MLS info :(

Naughty Colorado Realtor – Misleading MLS information is not cool!

There is more than one naughty Colorado Realtor out there!  That’s right.  You heard me, correctly.

I’m not normally one to judge and criticize other Realtors.  There is a lot of value in maintaining good relationships in a small community and burning bridges is seldom in my future clients best interests. However, it has been a shocking week for showing houses and condos in Boulder County. On more than  a few occasions, I have taken buyers to see listings, only to find the properties should have been ruled out as unsuitable. The naughty Colorado Realtor lied!

Naughty Colorado Realtor Runner Up: 

I booked 2 houses in south Longmont’s Creekside subdivision last weekend, for a buyer with a need for a 4 bedroom house. BOTH houses, it turned out, had only 3 bedrooms. The “4th bedroom” was a study.  Yes… Complete with clear glass French doors and no closet. One had built-in bookshelves around the walls too!

A bedroom, by definition for the MLS has to have a closet. My buyers tend to prefer some privacy too, so glass doors without window coverings is less than optimal.  I know. I hear you. I get it. The Buyer can change the study into a bedroom quite easily and often for little cost. But that is hardly the point. At the time the house is for sale, it doesn’t have a 4th bedroom and tricking a Buyer into setting a showing appointment with the expectation that they want to do construction and renovation after closing in order to create that 4th bedroom, is just plain wrong. At what point does the listing agent think the Buyer might overlook the lack of bedroom – yet still be willing to pay for a 4 bedroom house? Are they so anxious to show the Seller that their marketing is generating showings, that lying becomes acceptable? (Sellers, you understand that showings are valuable only if they are attracting suitable Buyers, right? Otherwise, its just a huge inconvenience to you and more footprints to vacuum off the carpet.)

My Buyers are not stupid and I don’t appreciate being put in the position where I need to apologize for wasting their time!

Naughty Colorado Realtor.

Naughty Colorado Realtor Winner: 

I booked a showing for a client who had already seen the 2 bedroom, second floor condos that were for sale at Landmark Lofts in Boulder. She was very excited to see a 3 bedroom penthouse (4th floor) condo come on the market. The price was $200,000 higher, but that is to be expected with the additional bedroom and the more desirable location. We unlocked the door and went in. Three minutes later, both confused, we giggled at how we couldn’t find the 3rd bedroom in a single level, 2000 square foot condo. The giggles subsided when my Buyer realized that maybe the extra wide part of the hallway, was in fact the “3rd bedroom”.

Think I’m exaggerating? The MLS listing read (and still reads) Featuring 2 Master BRs each with Lux Bath*PLUS 3rd BR/Study. Under the number of bedrooms it reads 3.

Naughty Colorado Realtor
Hallway/Study/3rd Bedroom!

This is the picture of the 3rd bedroom/study (right) and it’s about the only accurate way the “3rd bedroom” was described on the MLS! The photograph is taken from the kitchen and the black flooring you see, is the entrance by the front door. Can anyone say “hallway”?

I called the agent and asked her politely what we were missing… And where we might find the 3rd bedroom. With a tone that made it sound like it was obvious, she told me the study beside the kitchen, was also the 3rd bedroom. At which point I told her that the Buyer and I both thought a room that still needed walls, door and closet was not, in fact, a bedroom.  And she replied that the potential for a 3rd bedroom meant she could legitimately call it a 3rd bedroom on the MLS.

OMG, really??

With that logic, I’d like to inform my lender that the appraiser undervalued my house when I refinanced last year.  My 3 bedroom house is really a good candidate for popping the top, adding another 900 square feet, 3 bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms too.  At which time, I would also have a Flatiron view.  If the potential is the same as the real thing, then I should be able to convince an appraiser that my house is worth $225,000 more, right?


This may be a little facetious but I believe listing a property with a purchase price that reflects what it could be is akin to letting your naughty Colorado Realtor use your “make me move” pie-in-the-sky asking price… Which has only ever been acceptable on Zillow!

Naughty Colorado Realtor
$625K for this? Are you serious?






Really naughty Colorado Realtor!  You are giving us all a reputation of being sneaky little liars who will do anything to make a sale!


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