Modern Farmhouse at 285 Martin Drive

In case you were wondering, it’s modern farmhouse style…

But it used to be mid century modern. (Using the term “modern” kinda liberally.)

We are now at the end of Week 17.  Remember this? Circa 2016.

This is us, circa 2017 (so far):

Sure, sure… the landscaping could use a face-lift now. But all in good time.  I have a plan for that too – almost… kind of… maybe.

First, the update from last week:

The drywall arrived, was apparently delivered via the upstairs windows and lay in stacks against the walls in almost every room. I was sorry to have missed this adventure, but plenty of the neighbors witnessed it and were eager to recall.

The team of 3 drywallers arrived last Monday and began sticking it up in earnest. it was hot, dusty and heavy work and they took few breaks. But oh boy, when they did, you should have seen what other skills they possess! They pulled out an electric cooking element, a fry pan and all the ingredients needed for what appeared to be fajitas… cooking and eating them in my upper living room among the dust and going right back to work!!!  Im NOT kidding!


By the weekend the drywall was all installed.  The guy below showed up around 7am on Saturday morning with the goal of taping the entire house. I think he almost did it too! I visited (made a nuisance of myself) as he happily worked alone Saturday afternoon, to the sound of Spanish radio. Fiesta music! One can’t help but catch the rhythm and smile.  Sunday, he was back to do the corners and where the walls meet the ceiling with a different yet equally compelling device. His young son was helper extraordinaire. Adorable and hard working.

Meanwhile at “date night” down at Floor And Decor this week, Mark and I were getting our tile on. Torturing ourselves with the infinite possibilities and geometric patterns. Ugghhh… by far the hardest of the decisions to date has to be picking tile for the bathrooms. Help, Ken. Help!

And outside the house this week, they were getting ready to paint. An ongoing caulking event, followed by taping the windows on the other side of plastic. Then, when I was not looking, the spraying began.  A color that was chosen by Mark and I just 48 hour prior after careful deliberation and hauling sample boards all around the house in diminishing evening light!  Yep, Ken had made me color sample boards and Aaron stayed late to help us with the task of getting some perspective!

Also this week; A little roof over the front peaked window and the doors off the master bedroom.

Painting the exterior began Friday afternoon.

And last but not least, our weekend visit. A chance to say hi to the neighbors, check out the modern farmhouse and water the trees.  (I was reminded this week, by someone in the know, that I should be giving them more water or they will suffer distress during this process.)



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