Leverage the “other” skills your Boulder Realtor has

Boulder Realtor, Property Manager and Investor combo…Ready to work for you!

I work in real estate predominantly.

I also do a little property management for clients. I intentionally select the type and location of the properties I will manage and use the experience to learn about the market for the purposes of being able to educate my clients about their investment.

Don’t you want to know what would happen if your circumstances changed and you had to rent out your property? Is it going to cost you money monthly? What sort of improvements are worth the money when trying to attract the right sort of tenant or investor for you? What are the city requirements for getting a rental license and do you need to get a rental license? Would you appreciate some tips and tricks about landlord-tenant relationships to help smooth the journey? Do you need a good lease that has built in protections and work-arounds for showings etc when it comes time to sell?

Every now and then I hear another Boulder Realtor try to win business of a client by claiming the other Realtors they are up against, are splitting their time between property management and RE and therefore would be an inferior agent. I laugh.

Firstly, we ALL split our time between our primary job and our other obligations/distractions. Travel, hobbies, family, voluntarism, illness. Secondly, if someone is convinced that an agent who spends their time improving their knowledge about other various aspects of the real estate market is going to be LESS helpful to a client, we’re now talking about a common sense issue and I have no solution for that. I mean really… Have you given any thought to the hours that property managers have their phones turned on, compared to regular real estate agents?

If you have not considered the virtues of having a seasoned Boulder Realtor, investor, AND an experienced property manager on your team, working hard for you, then let’s chat. I love all aspects of my job and am happy to share my knowledge with you.

Boulder Realtor and Property Manager

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