Home Inspection: 10 most common findings

Home Inspection: It’s Due Diligence you shouldn’t skip!

Under contract?! What are next steps?

  1. Deposit the earnest money – Miss this deadline and your contract is voided. NOT kidding.
  2. Get cracking on your loan if you need one. Your lender requires all sorts of documents and signatures lickity-split and will guide you through the process. 
  3. HOME INSPECTION. Don’t ask me if you really need one. Don’t you want to know what you are buying?

There is peace of mind that comes with a home inspection. Whether you would take it as-is or not is your choice but understanding what as-is actually means, is important too. What needs attention now and what can you save up for or defer until later? This is important stuff.

Most things that a home inspector finds, you can live with, at least temporarily. On my list of way common issues that should be fixed but are not emergencies are:

  1. The door between the garage and the house doesn’t self close. 
  2. There are branches from trees in your yard touching the roof that need trimming back.
  3. Small cracks in the concrete garage floor or driveway should be filled with silicone.
  4. An outlet has reverse polarization.
  5. Gutters are full of leaves and should be cleaned out.
  6. Ceiling fan doesn’t work.
  7. Deck needs staining.
  8. Insulation missing in crawl space.
  9. Interior door doesn’t latch properly.
  10. Garbage disposal makes a heck of a noise.

My list of things that might need attention now (right after closing if the Seller won’t do for you prior to closing):

  1. Water leaks – anywhere.
  2. Gas leaks – anywhere.
  3. Electrical safety issues.
  4. Questionable furnace – cleaning, safe and effective function, age.
  5. Questionable water heater – age, operation.
  6. Roof – leaks, hail damage, missing shingles or flashing, end of life.
  7. Main sewer line – integrity, blockage.
  8. Siding – missing paint, holes.
  9. Windows – broken, unable to be closed or locked.
  10. Locks on doors – must work!

Scott Home Inspection put together a nice article of the top 10 most commonly found issues of the 4000 home inspections they completed in 2017.  Read here.

Sometimes, it has been a really long time since someone checked the basement…

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