Gunbarrel Colorado – Real Estate Market and Community Data

Gunbarrel Colorado Real Estate Market Data and Community Analysis 

(For those who understand that you can’t take the City of Boulder brush and apply it to the entire area, hoping to extrapolate and get accurate data.)

First off, what area is Gunbarrel Colorado? Why is it a little different to the rest of Boulder?

Gunbarrel is a residential area built up just outside of the City of Boulder. This unincorporated area (considered a census-designated place)  is home for close to 10,000 residents, many of whom live, work and play nearby in the City of Boulder. As you may have read on previous posts, Boulder can be somewhat unaffordable for many hoping to buy and settle here. Gunbarrel offers a more affordable, yet very close-by alternative not just for those new to the area, but folks who have outgrown their City of Boulder homes and are looking to up-size.  It’s an area that is riddled with open space, hiking and views of the mountains and filled with established neighborhoods, mature trees, dog friendly condo complexes. Now, the north side (nearer amenities such as King Soopers) features lots of new construction – It’s popping up fast in areas that have been prairie dog farms for years. Business is booming!


Gunbarrel Colorado


Some direct comparison between Boulder (in its entirety) and zipcode 80301 – Gunbarrel Colorado.





Gunbarrel Colorado real estate data



The fluctuations that Gunbarrel appears to experience are due to the smaller data sample and therefore the impact that each property has on the overall average. As you can see though, Gunbarrel more affordable than Boulder as  whole but follows the same real estate trends… Home prices are appreciating over time.




Gunbarrel Colorado real estate data




Gunbarrel Colorado real estate data



This chart gives us a good picture of the sample size differences between Boulder and Gunbarrel. Both are seasonal markets with most sales occurring between April and September though.

I know what you are thinking… Good information, but how can I apply this to my condo?  After all, condos and houses are two different real estate markets. Yes! Better to split them up … So I did.  🙂

Gunbarrel Colorado real estate data

  • Median sold price trends upward, despite market fluctuations which included dips in the early 2000’s and then again during the recession of 2008-2011.
  • With less buyer competition, the average DOM trends upward and median prices trend downward. (Buyer’s market)
  • With more buyer competition, the average DOM trends downward and median prices go up. (Todays market… Seller’s market)


Gunbarrel Colorado real estate data

Aside from the obvious median price difference and slightly longer Days on Market stats, the market for attached (condos and townhouses) dwellings follows closely the trends of detached dwellings in Gunbarrel.


Getting ready to sell something in Gunbarrel? Would you like to know what it’s market value is?  I’d love to help. There is more data where this came from and I can certainly drill down further to the area or condo complex to get you the most accurate and up to date information – Pricing is critical even in a Seller’s market!

Now, because in the age of Facebook we have all been conditioned to be just a tad voyeuristic, how about some information about the people of Gunbarrel?

What age are your new neighbors?


Gunbarrel Colorado


Will I find people just like me there?

Gunbarrel married demogr

Gunbarrel Colorado gender demographics


How much do my neighbors earn?

gunbarrel colorado real estate data


And if you are reading this for an eye to investment (rental property) or planning on renting before you call me to buy something  😉  you might like to know…

What does a 2 bedroom rent for these days?

Gunbarrel Colorado rent


Shouldn’t I know if the market is already flooded with rentals? And are my neighbors likely to change each year?

gunbarrel Colorado owner occupancy



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