Boulder Sellers, fix your broken real estate before listing it!

Boulder Sellers … if it’s broken, fix it! 

Listing real estate (anywhere) is hard work and requires energy, time and organization.  I get it.  Boulder sellers, a good listing agent is there to make that process easier… Experience, skills and mindset matter.  🙂

I am a little bit tired of hearing buyers complaining about the condition of the properties that are being put up for sale in and around Boulder.

It’s not that I don’t feel their pain or agree with them.  I do!  I too bought a house in Boulder that needed love.  Huge understatement.

But short of complaining about it in a blog post and hoping that all Boulder sellers sit up and take action (anybody?), it might be fair to say that my buyers are barking up the wrong tree by complaining to me, because there is very little I can do about it.

Or is there?

I do feel that it’s my job to (nicely) tell it like it is, when I have  Boulder sellers getting ready to list.  Cleanliness, staging and safety are all very important in making a first impression and I will be reviewing and reporting my findings to the sellers, for their own good.

What may be equally important is presenting a property to a potential buyer, that doesn’t scream “My Boulder sellers have neglected me”, “I need basic maintenance” or “Imagine the deferred maintenance that you can’t see!”

Seriously, don’t just price it to sell “as is” unless there is absolutely no other way!

What a buyer wants to see is evidence that the home owner (in this story,  a Boulder seller) cares about the house.  Dated is fine, if the place clearly demonstrates that the “bones” have been well maintained.  But when I see that the sellers ran out of the trim for doors and windows and “finished off the job” by attaching a piece of baseboard over one door, please don’t expect me or my buyers to believe that corners were not cut in other areas also.

The good news is that when a buyer does find a property that has been cared for, maintained, updated, cleaned and shows to sell, they are wowed – and likely racing to beat other buyers and submit an offer, even in the slower season… (which was now about two years ago!)

I showed one such house a while ago.  It was clear the Boulder sellers were well informed about what is attractive to a buyer and were motivated to meet those expectations.  All was looking wonderful… until we saw the mud room door to the back yard….

 Boulder Sellers understand buyer needs

 Oops is right!

But you know what?  The buyers looked at this, had a giggle and passed a “shit happens” glance between themselves.  Who hasn’t been here before?

This Boulder seller had done everything right.  The garden looked good because the weed wacker had been implemented.  The sellers admitted their faux pas and the buyers believed this window had not been damaged for months and months.

I hear you ask “What else could they have done?”

You would be surprised!  On another day, in another house, the note may have read:

Boulder sellers fix maintenance with credit to buyer

…And my Boulder buyers would have instinctively thought that:

A) The replacement cost was more than $100 and/or

B)  These Boulder sellers were too lazy to fix other things in the house too.


To the Boulder seller with the weed-wacked window;   I applaud you!

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