Boulder real estate listing photos and descriptive language

A BOULDER real estate listing is not that hard to sell!

But a client deserves their Realtor’s best effort even in a good market.

I will hold my tongue about whether I think this Boulder real estate listing would be better off without this image entirely, but I will say that if you are going to “feature” the amenities, then FEATURE them.

  • Get inside the room.
  • Don’t use a flash on an area this large.
  • Avoid putting other people (especially in bathing suits) on the MLS.
  • “Selfies” on the MLS are unprofessional and avoidable!
  • Touch up the picture on your computer to bring it back to something that is more true to life, as needed. (No computer program can turn this Boulder real estate listing pic into something good, FYI!)


Boulder real estate listing
A blurry, through the dirty window, reflecting-your-flash-into-your-own-eyes, selfie!  It takes considerable  effort to accumulate all these “no-no’s” into one image.


Boulder real estate listing

I took this picture a few years ago now. Gold Run Health Club has since improved their pool but this is still an accurate likeness. The pool is heated, salt water and barely used. It is flooded in natural light and access is exclusive – Only for those who hold Health Club passes (and their guests).

As the listing agent, I work hard to present the best possible images of the listings I have the honor of representing.  I get permission to enter the area and seek to take pictures at a time when the light is nice, but the pool has no-one in it. My seller is looking for a buyer who is not only sold on the unit, but also on the amenities and location.

Check out the album of pictures I took at this Colorado luxury residence: Four Peaks Ranch  The goal was to capture the magic. The features and amenities, the views, luxurious living, spaces and colors. To evoke warm emotions and a feeling of tranquility, privacy and comfort. I shot the photos over a 24 hour period to get optimum lighting at specific times of day – dawn to dusk. From about 700 pictures, I selected just a couple of hundred that embodied the essence of living at Four Peaks Ranch. Yes, it takes time and skill. That’s exactly what you are paying for, Sellers!

In the “selfie” case (top image), the actual condo is a fixer that seems to have been half-repaired after being flood damaged in September 2013. Then it appears the project stalled out.  The listing agent really NEEDS to sell the amenities to make up for the condition of the condo… And quite frankly I’d be playing up the therapeutic benefits of a heated pool to anyone who is considering taking on a labor intensive project, like that condo promises to be. Instead the listing agent writes “This condo needs work. I’m not sure what happened here.”  …….OMG!!!

Sellers, I will work hard for you. I promise to use integrity at all times and give you the absolute best I am capable of. Honestly, it makes me downright sad to see you settle for anything less, yet pay the same listing fee.



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