Boulder County Real Estate Photography – It matters, a lot!

Boulder County real estate photography

The long and the short of it is;  If your Realtor doesn’t have the skills, time or inclination, then be sure they are going to hire someone who does! Your money depends on it.

As I was scanning my inbox today, I came upon an email from a client.

It read Hey, check out this link if you haven’t seen it going around Facebook. Hilarious!  I’m so glad you take awesome pictures.”

She then linked to this website of terrible and funny (if it’s not your house) real estate photographs.

As I looked at the website, I too couldn’t help but giggle.  My personal favorite being “the selfie” in the bathroom mirror.  I was entertained, but at the same time it was (quite) a bit sad.  You have no idea how many times I’m trolling the MLS and come across pictures just as bad as this, or worse!

Let me share some of my favorites, then I will tell you a quick “real life” story:

Boulder County Real Estate Photography
I kid you not. This one was actually this blurry on the MLS.


Boulder County Real Estate Photography
Curb appeal? Where?


Boulder County Real Estate Photography
Duct tape does NOT fix everything!


Boulder County Real Estate Photography
This dog looks like it is begging to be taken away from all the clutter.


Boulder County Real Estate Photography
Using a wide angle lens to make the room look bigger. Fail!


Boulder County Real Estate Photography
Not sure what this room is… It’s being used for everything and nothing. Dark and small.


Boulder County Real Estate Photography
OMG, I’m not sure what could make this picture any worse!


Boulder County Real Estate Photography
Squatter will need to be removed when the new owner takes possession, FYI.
Boulder County Real Estate Photography
Now we know what the bathtub tile looks like.


Boulder County Real Estate Photography
Yep, “selfies” are not as uncommon as you might think (or want).

But the winner of the “crappiest real estate photograph” award has to go to the person who got paid to “sell” this bathroom…

Boulder County Real Estate Photography
Seriously? Seriously!


I like photography.  I do a lot of it.  I also understand that some homes are more photogenic than others.  But honestly, I would never put a picture on the MLS that would drive traffic away.

The whole idea is to generate showings from the description and pictures used in advertising.


A bad picture is NOT better than no picture and don’t let any Realtor tell you otherwise!


Ok, now you get my true Boulder real estate photography story…

Once upon a time some friends contacted me.  They were ready to sell and asked if I would help. You betcha!

My first visit involved a tour by the owners.  I took notes, gave staging advice and we arranged a time next week that I would go back in and take the photos that would go up on the MLS.  This gave them time to rearrange stuff… clean, de-clutter, do little jobs to make the home more appealing to buyers.

Fast forward a week and I arrived at the pre-arranged time/date to take pictures.  The owners were both at work and I let myself in with the key in the lockbox I had given them.

In the living room I found just a couple of things that don’t make a good first impression.  I took the bunched up men’s socks and blanket off the couch, fluffed the cushions, removed the dog bed to a place out of my shot and got to it.

Moving on to the kitchen and I definitely got the impression that they had left in a hurry this morning… Perhaps even forgot I was coming?  Dirty dishes filled the sink and lined the counters.  Food scraps, cutting board, overflowing trash can etc everywhere.  So I did what I had to.  I grabbed the laundry basket, piled the dirty dishes in there, moved the trash, wiped down the counters, arranged the small appliances neatly and removed the nasty, stained kitchen floor mat.  Then I took the pictures I needed and I put everything right back where it was.  (I took a picture beforehand for guidance!)

I was a little annoyed. After all, we did talk about staging, show condition and first impressions.  We did have an appointment for MLS photography and they did want to sell… Didn’t they?

Upstairs there were 3 bedrooms.  One look at the master and I was done.  Bed unmade and used underwear scattered across the bed and floor was the final straw.  I don’t touch underwear!  The closet was a disgusting mess, the chest of drawers was pulled open in a chaotic fashion and clothes of all descriptions were falling out.

I retreated back downstairs and out the door.  The photos I had of the main level were good and when I told the sellers that I was unable to make a good first impression with the bedrooms, they didn’t seem to care.  We listed the house without master bedroom or bathroom pictures, but I asked the sellers to promise to have the house in “show condition” for each of the showings.

They did honor that and the house sold in less than a month – which was no mean feat back in 2009.




You only get one chance to make

 a first impression




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