Boulder County Property Tax paid early

Boulder County Property Tax : Tax Reform 2018

In this photo I’m 50th in line outside the County Building to pay my Boulder County property tax before the end of 2017… up from 60th in line, I might add.
That is me, in the white jacket. 🙂
Boulder County Property Tax
Why? Because my accountant called me and advised me to do so.  (Need a recommendation for a GREAT accountant who is an amazing human being too?  Call me.)
In 2018 the combined State Tax and Property Tax deduction is $10,000. The hope for me and all those other people in Boulder, is that paying 2017 property taxes in 2017 (instead of when due in 2018) would mean deducting it from 2017 taxes instead of not being able to deduct it at all.
Who wants to pay taxes on taxes???  
Not I. Apparently none of my new friends in line or the vast quantity of people that came before and after us were super excited about that prospect either.
By opening up the County Treasurer to accept early payments of property taxes, the County deposited … wait for it…. $32.8 million. The state of Colorado topped over $195 million!
As for me… Well the experience was all positive. Luckily I had the money. The day was much warmer than it had been the previous week or many days since. The folks I met in line were friendly, upbeat and great conversationalists. That’s not a small thing when the line is 60 people long and 55 of them have to stand outside.  In fact, I forgot my phone and it was only for a very brief moment that I lamented not having a gadget to help me while away the 1 hour long wait time. About 10 seconds after that I was making new friends; One took this picture for me and texted it to my phone at home to commemorate the adventure.
The silver lining?
I’m no Donald Trump fan, it’s fair to say. I don’t hide it that well either. But this day was made possible by him. Without all the monkeying around with my taxes, I would never have got that call from my accountant and would not have forced myself into a queue on the Pearl St Mall with my fellow Boulder home-owners, in winter. If my New Year’s resolution was to find something to appreciate about the man that shares my initials and not my view of Mother Earth, then I guess I can cross that off my list.

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