Boulder Area Real Estate buyer must bring A-game!

Boulder Area Real Estate Buyer Frustration Mounts

If you are a serious Boulder area real estate buyer (Boulder, Longmont, Erie, Broomfield -> Denver area) you’d better come prepared. On any given day there is not much to choose from and the buyers you saw at the last house have followed you to this next one. They are your COMPETITION. They too lost in the last bidding war, where 3-20 offers were probably received by the seller in the first few days.

Buyers, you’d better bring your A-game!

Boulder Area Real Estate Buyer

What constitutes the Boulder Area Real Estate Buyers A-game and how does one know where to find it?

Your A-game starts with aligning yourself with the right lender and Realtor. Mess this up and it’s curtains. (You don’t have time for me to sugar-coat it.)

Is your lender local? Reputable? Responsive? Working super hard to earn a spot on your team? Loading you up with info that you need in away that you can learn well and feel comfortable? If the answer is not “Yes”, then it’s time to rethink your lender.  Interest rates are not the be all and end all and if the lender can’t help you secure a Contract to Buy in the first place, then the low interest rate is being enjoyed by your competition, not you.

Your Realtor: This is the person who will teach you what your A-game should look like. If your Realtor has not had tons of experience in this market, competing, forging relationships with other Brokers they can leverage on your behalf and isn’t just dying to get out there and negotiate in your best interests, then you chose POORLY! Choose again. The Boulder area real estate buyer needs a Realtor will coordinate with the Lender to squeeze the most value out of what the Buyer has going on with their finances, existing house (or lack there of), lease and timeline.

If your Buyer’s Agent also takes listings and works with Sellers, you are better off IMHO. Every single time I take a listing and manage a multiple offer scenario on behalf of the seller, I come away with a new tool to tuck into my belt. A clause that I hadn’t seen before, a reminder of something that could be useful to my next buyer, an advantage over another offer in the near or distant future. Like a squirrel, I tuck these tips and tricks away for winter.

With that in mind, you won’t be surprised to hear me say I am not about to reveal my secrets to success in this blog post. I work for my clients and they deserve all I have to offer and then some. Just know that I’m out there everyday, looking accumulate knowledge and use my experience in the best interests of my Buyers and Sellers. Whether it’s the 3.5% down, FHA borrower securing a house in a bidding war that involves 14 other offers, while not being the highest price or my $2M clients finding the house of their dreams … It’s a huge win for me.  Just last week my newlyweds with 5% down competing in Broomfield for a gorgeous house in the $300’s,  snatched it from the hands of 8 other desperate buyers. Words cannot express my overwhelming joy on their behalf. Watching dreams come true, new lives taking shape, triumph in a market where Buyers more often find frustration and disappointment is what makes it worthwhile for me.

It is 6:18 AM as I type. I am watching the sunrise from my office window. I start work at 6:00 AM every weekday. There is no time to lose so I must leave you here and begin the task of opening a file at the title company.  Another listing under contract yesterday, another Boulder multiple offer scenario and another Contract to Buy that is well over asking price. This journey of a thousand steps begins at 6:30 AM for my Sellers… But they won’t even be aware we have started, until closer to 10 AM.  🙂

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